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The podcast with an ambitious goal: to interview and play with every member of the Baltimore Improv Group!


**Recorded via Zoom as a Live Stream 3/25/2020 on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdzT45ve78S6SYOk-bPDG4Q?view_as=subscriber**

Meet Justin Eifert- from a social distance! Justin's tall, and he moved to Baltimore for love, baby. He's got a quick wit cultivated from parents who were able to read, private school, and late night infomercials with that Sham-Wow! guy. He's got the internet improv medium down pat, and if you're safe in a house right now, it's because of architectural engineers like him. 

Join us and Sheila McMenamin, Kim Scarfe, and Patrick Hampton in one time socially distant troupe: Giblet-ted Poultry Monger

Join us live for the foreseeable future on YouTube Wednesday nights at 8 PM!

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March 19, 2020

056: Meet Lisa Perrin

**Recorded BEFORE social distancing**

Meet Lisa Perrin! From a family of Frasier, Frogs, and flawless Outlander cosplay, Lisa is a creative force both onstage and on the page as an illustrator. Come hear about theater camp, teaching at MICA, familial museums, and how to get that famous actor you're obsessed with to really notice you.

Joined by Allison Gross, Robyn Stegman, and Annie Bobbett in one time troupe: Didactic Streak. 

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Meet Danny Hughes! Anniversary fun continues for Gettin Biggie With It as Danny dives deep to tell us how he went from playing a sheep in a school variety show to being the heart and soul of this podcast, as well as a talented and dedicated teacher, voiceover artist, improviser, and creative professional. In an episode many artists will relate to, we get into how lifelong anxiety can turn into your biggest motivator - and Danny would know, as he basically rescued his high school theater program. Get to know the person who is so good at bringing out the best from all of us! You’ll also hear the continuation of our fondue feast of champions, as we devour the chocolate course of our delicious Melting Pot dinner.

Joined by wonderful Akimbo pals Kim Scarfe, Michael Hartwell, and Nate Tyson, with improv from one-time troupe Pythagoras’ Theum.

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Meet Kerri Shannon, LIVE from the Melting Pot! Though Kerri did not begin her time in performance comedy until she was an adult, it's clear she was always destined to "make things up on stage," as she says at the end of every Gettin' Biggie With It episode. Her time writing existential songs and fart-themed, ground-breaking sketches as a child prepared her to be the superstar writer, badass comedian, and fun, supportive podcast co-host she is today. Celebrate the one year anniversary of Getting Biggie With It and learn about her roots in fourth grade insult comedy and hear some of her original songs, all while we clink fondue forks and haltingly order chocolate sauce in the background. 

We're join the members of Akimbo (Nate Tyson, Kim Scarfe, Michael Hartwell, Scott Lichtor, and a SPECIAL APPEARANCE from an original Akimbo member!) in our one time troupe: Banana's Foster Child. 

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