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The podcast with an ambitious goal: to interview and play with every member of the Baltimore Improv Group!


November 21, 2019

039: Meet Sheree Frank

Meet Sheree Frank! Sheree has LIVED. She’s followed romance to new cities, hosted musicians, and swing danced. She’s our first guest to boldly defy the 30-second “how’d you get into improv” clock. By the end, the podcast was taken over by our guests. Catch Sheree‘s story here, with improv from one-time troupe Movin’ for a Boy. Guests Allison Gross and Brian Young.

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October 31, 2019

036: Meet Hannah Jeffrey

Meet Hannah Jeffrey! Hannah may be hooked on Keeping up with the Kardashians, but we’d prefer to tune in to Keeping Up with Hannah every week. Between Chicago visits, funemployment, a virtual pal named Austin, and visits to a well-connected dentist, we’re lucky she had time to stop in and talk to us. Keep up with Hannah here, with improv by one-time troupe Divided Nations. Guest improvisers Liz McKenna, Renee Ross, and Julia Gerhardt.

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