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The podcast with an ambitious goal: to interview and play with every member of the Baltimore Improv Group!


September 5, 2019

028: Meet Brian Leonard

Meet Brian Leonard! Woah, you guys, we get deep today. Brian studies psycholinguistics, cracking the code of how humans learn language. He’s trying to use it for good not evil - but is all science just a manipulative puzzle handed to us by the government? We discuss! Hear Brian’s inside scoop, hear him talk about the importance of a little arrogance, hear us try to give each other nicknames. Joined by guest improvisers Jacob Joseph, Sheila McMenamin, Devin McKay, and Nate Tyson. Improv by one-time troupe Marmot Milk.

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August 29, 2019

027: Meet Hallie Herz

Meet Hallie Herz! Hallie inspired us to get in touch with nature as she’s fresh off a summer of woods livin’. When Hallie’s not teaching, she truly unplugs from the real world and daily BS to hike, canoe, and live outside of the clutches of social media. Besides marveling at the beauty of the outdoors, we hear about Hallie’s theatrical background, and get into how Thoreau was full of it. Improv from one-time troupe Dripping Residue. Guest improvisers Sheila McMenamin, Gillian Parent, and Nate Tyson.

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August 22, 2019

026: Meet Kristen McKenzie

Meet Kristen McKenzie! She's dabbled in a wide range of creative pursuits, from drumming to film editing to costume design on movie sets. Nowhere else can you get the scoop on how a fake pelvis made its way into your fave low-budget horror film... joined by one-time troupe House of Dogs. Guest improvisers Annie Bobbitt, Michael Hartwell, Allison Gross, and Justin Eifert.

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August 15, 2019

025: Meet Annie Bobbitt

Meet Annie Bobbitt! We caught up with Annie in her first few weeks of “funemployment.” Yes, after smartly prepping, she quit her job to find the creative life she’s looking to live. This is a must-listen episode for anyone needing the inspiration to make a bold choice like today’s guest did! Plus some improv from one-time troupe Murder Mystery Dinner. Guest improvisers Allison Gross, Robyn Stegman, Michael Hartwell, Nate Tyson.

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August 8, 2019

024: Meet Kate Zelensky

Meet Kate Zelensky! This episode was a freakin’ dream, recorded live onstage at this year’s Baltimore Improv Festival. Kate spent many prolific years at The Upright Citizens Brigade before Baltimore Improv Group was lucky to work with her. She tells us how she went from a music theater performer to an in-demand UCB improv teacher - plus serves up some celebrity dish. Let’s just say she and a famous Gossip Girl actress are living parallel lives. She also brought fellow UCB performers Don Fanelli, Dru Johnston, and Tim Martin to join us. And we finally got BIG Artistic Director and former UCB-er Jenn Withers on the show! It gets better with BIG guests Michael Quinn and Brian Leonard. Improv by one-time troupe: Balls: A Balls Class.

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August 1, 2019

023: Meet Bobby Gross

Meet Bobby Gross! Bobby did what many only dream of - left the chaos of Manhattan to grow tomatoes on a farm. Find out how that led him to a Kombucha company in Baltimore, the big creative goal he aims to do before 30, and how we all feel about living on a world that can be, well, so stupid... Joined by one-time troupe Sous Chef. Guest improvisers Brian Shea and Maggie Phenicie.

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Meet Tashika Campbell! She’s cool, calm, and collected and by far our most prepared guest. And her inspiring ways don’t stop there. In this family-focused episode, Tashika opens up about giving birth, being a parent, and surviving life when it’s full of twists and turns - and we truly all leave a little wiser and a little more wonderful. Joined by one-time troupe: Birth Certificate. Guest improvisers Brian Shea and Annie Bobbitt.

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July 18, 2019

021: Meet Jason Herbert

Meet Jason Herbert! This may be the only time a story that starts with brass knuckles on a basketball court ends with a prolific improv life. Jason’s one of the most supportive troupemates an improviser can have, and it shows in today’s episode. Hear more on his adventures on and off-stage, joined by one-time troupe Brass Knuckles. Guest improvisers Maggie Phenicie, AJ McCombs, Michael Quinn, Grant Chang.

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