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The podcast with an ambitious goal: to interview and play with every member of the Baltimore Improv Group!


May 16, 2019

012: Meet Sam Brunner

Meet Sam Brunner! She Is one of the few people with the discipline to journal every single day, she writes a kick ass cover letter, and she made an important declaration to her sixth grade class... Plus she couch surfed around the world! Get her story here, and enjoy some improv from one-time troupe Suburban Time Capsule.

Cast of Improvisers Brian Young, Michelle Faulkner, David Richman.

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May 9, 2019

011: Meet Pam Hugi

Meet Pam Hugi! She was part of a Chicago high school superlative rebellion, she can speak Russian, and if she looks familiar, it’s because of the standout roles she’s played on many a stage. Find out which ones, and hear about Pam’s journey to “enlightenment,” in today’s episode.

Improv by one-time troupe Daddy Warlocks (or The Yogis, or Mr Bundles)

Cast of Improvisers: Michael Hartwell, Nate Tyson, Jen Diamond

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Meet Harold Young! The Fourth! He's tried everything once. He only needs 20 seconds to tell you an origin story. He stuck with BIG, even though people made jokes about his name being a format. We had a blast learning more, and you will, too!

Join us, and one time troupe: Big Jims.

Cast of Improvisers: Michael Hartwell, Nate Tyson, Jason Herbert

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April 25, 2019

009: Meet Patrick Hampton

Meet Pat Hampton! This well-traveled New Yorker came back to Charm City for a special visit to explore how improv can help you be more of yourself - and also better at your day job. Plus he flatters the heck out of us with BIG praise. With one-time troupe Prisoners of Comedy.

Cast of Improvisers: Bobby Gross, Julia Hall, Sam Brunner, and Nate Tyson

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April 18, 2019

008: Meet Morris Kraicer

Meet Morris Kraicer! Morris might not have started his theatrical career until late in high school, but that didn't stop him from becoming one eighth of Richard Dreyfuss. We discuss what it's like to play a dog onstage, the intricacies of last names, and why comedy people are the best people. Join us and our one time troupe: Dog Stuff.

Cast of Improvisers: Pam Hugi and Devin McKay

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April 11, 2019

007: Meet Devin McKay

Meet Devin McKay! He’s a creative genius who makes trailers for plays! His college pal’s face was on a campus flag! And he does a killer Pee Wee Herman impression! Hear it all here and find out how he tells a compelling story and connects to his audience in limited time. He’s a delight and you’ll find yourself smiling as you listen. Joined by our one-time only troupe: Friends on Flags.

Cast of improvisers- Morris Kracier, Nate Tyson

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April 4, 2019

006: Meet Ti Coleman

Meet Ti Coleman! When Ti walks in to the theater, people “woo.” He’s one of BIG’s favorite teachers, and you’ll see why in this episode. We talk about what makes good teaching, what makes good story telling, how we go from serious kids to funny adults, and why it’s all so important.

Join us and our one-time troupe, Fun with Flack-cicity. Cast of Improvisers: Brian Leonard, Richard Gorelick, and Nate Tyson.

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March 28, 2019

005: Meet Kim Scarfe

Meet Kim Scarfe!

She chose Iowa over London, she gives kids confidence before "the crap of life" gets to them, and she is so happy that she gets to be friends with herself! She's sweet, badass, and funny, and you'll love her. With special guest Jonathan Pitts from The Second City, co-founder of Chicago Improv Festival. Join us, and our one time troupe: Plastic Bag Therapy!

Cast of Improvisers: Jonathan Pitts, Nate Tyson, and Brian Leonard.

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Meet Jenni VanAusdall!
She kills it in the chemistry classroom during the school year, and tears up video games in the summer. And she once had a deceased human's skull in her possession. Find out why, get the scoop on her non-parlor trick way of "science-y" teaching, and hear how we all found out the truth about Santa. With amazing one-time guest troupe: Fairy Sex Puns.
Cast of improvisers: Julia Hall, Julia Gerhardt
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March 14, 2019

003: Meet Julia Hall

Her home town of Peru, Maine is home to only 1,500 people - so does the thriving metropolis of Baltimore feel like where she belongs? This BIG teacher and long-time improviser tells us how she found her way here, how to survive if you haven't read the book in an English class, and where to find fresh baked cookies on the road. Join us and our one time troupe: Contractually Obligated!
Cast of improvisers: Julia Gerhardt, Jenni Vanausdall, Michael Hartwell
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