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The podcast with an ambitious goal: to interview and play with every member of the Baltimore Improv Group!


July 18, 2019

021: Meet Jason Herbert

Meet Jason Herbert! This may be the only time a story that starts with brass knuckles on a basketball court ends with a prolific improv life. Jason’s one of the most supportive troupemates an improviser can have, and it shows in today’s episode. Hear more on his adventures on and off-stage, joined by one-time troupe Brass Knuckles. Guest improvisers Maggie Phenicie, AJ McCombs, Michael Quinn, Grant Chang.

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Meet Maggie Phenicie! She might be in summer mode as she gets a break from teaching middle school, but she’s coming in hot! In today’s delightful talk she tells us why magic is terrifying -complete with our first real live debate! - and tells us her secret to getting a loyal listener base as a radio DJ. But her most charming trait - as a “map head,” she knows more Baltimore sub neighborhoods than anyone who’s ever lived! Joined by one-time troupe Awful Sounds; My Retching. Guest improvisers Kim Le and Michael Quinn.

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Meet Andy McIntyre! He teaches history? He also teaches improv at the Baltimore Improv Group! A former college DJ and long time improviser, be sure to listen for his teacher voice in his upcoming streaming service: Andy Plus. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the Baltimore Improv Festival later this month, which Andy organizes! Or, just check out his hot-out-the-oven-no-corners-cut limericks on Ledo's Pizza Facebook page every week! Join us and one time troupe: Thick Cut Pepperoni.

Cast of Improvisers: Harold Young and Nate Tyson

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June 27, 2019

018: Meet Heather Moyer

Meet Heather Moyer! Sure, you all enjoy BIG now, but know how it ever came to be? As one of the few founding members, Heather gives us the scoop on how flyers and Craigslist built the BIG magic of today. She’s also the only BIG member to improvise in her own comedy marathon for 17 straight hours. Oh, and she spends her day job actually saving the world. Joined by one time troupe: Bird Eating Spider.

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June 20, 2019

017: Meet Blue

Meet Blue! Our most famous guest yet! She started her performance career as part of a popular rap group discovered in the inner harbor - and now she’s in talks to direct an incredibly important production. Find out what it’s like to successfully live the art life. You’ll also get the answer to everyone’s burning question: Where did the nickname “Blue” come from?! Tease: it has nothing to do with the color blue...

Join us and one time troupe: Bundies Crossed

Cast of Improvisers: Devin McKay, Jenni Van Ausdall

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June 13, 2019

016: Meet Jessica Henkin

Meet Jessica Henkin! She boomeranged back to Baltimore from the Bacchanalia of her New York youth, and now, she knows almost everyone in Charm City as one of the city's "Hip Baltimore Power Couples" (phrase coined by Kerri). A member of BIG since near its inception, Jess has a lot to say about improv...which is why she was our first guest to go over the 30 second time limit. Find out if we forgive her, more about the Stoop Storytelling Series, and how to strong-arm your way onto a podcast with one time troupe: Tendrils in the Asphalt.

Cast of Improvisers: Sean Latta, Roy Taff, Barry Wright, Kristen McKenzie

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Meet Julia Gerhardt! Big Magic Prophet. BIG Improv Teacher. Big time writer in the making. She's started improv clubs at high schools and college from LA to Baltimore and will talk to an Uber driver any time. Join us and one time troupe: Lice on Pubes, Crab on Back.

Cast of Improvisers: Devin McKay, Allison Gross, Jenni Van Ausdall

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Meet Allison Gross! She tells us about her botched college improv audition, gives us the scoop on what really happens on a Birthright Israel trip, and invites us all to explore our haunting anxieties... all while half of us are on spring break. Joined by one-time troupe The Data Scientists.

Guest improvisers Brian Leonard, Julia Gerhardt, Devin McKay, Jenni Vanausdall.

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May 23, 2019

013: Meet Nate Tyson

Meet Nate Tyson! Nate is at the theater pretty much every day - but it’s on THIS podcast where he gets super honest and super open about the life changes that brought him here. Whether you’re trying to find your way to more art or spending a lot of time in your head or thinking about making some life changes, you’ll relate to something he says.

Joined by ALL-the-time-troupe Old City!

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May 16, 2019

012: Meet Sam Brunner

Meet Sam Brunner! She Is one of the few people with the discipline to journal every single day, she writes a kick ass cover letter, and she made an important declaration to her sixth grade class... Plus she couch surfed around the world! Get her story here, and enjoy some improv from one-time troupe Suburban Time Capsule.

Cast of Improvisers Brian Young, Michelle Faulkner, David Richman.

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